Cascador Almonds Basic Manual


Economic Cascador of almonds and fruits droughts (pinions, nuts, etc…). A tool made in Spain of stainless steel and wood, to crack almonds and other fruits easily droughts. Really, a cheap cascador that will allow you easily to break the rind of many fruits. Easy to use and that it works perfectly, emphasizing by its low price.

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With this cascador of almonds droughts can be started off to other many fruits, hazelnuts, nuts, pistachios and pinions. Account with an indented press, of average produndidad, to take hold the fruits and their operation is very simple.

In summary simply we will have to fit the dry fruit between the teeth that the cascadora has according to the size or the almond or the nut, pistachio or pinion. Later we lowered the handle, we pushed downwards until we see that the rind yields and breaks. With this simple gesture the fruit will be ready to prepare in appetizer. It is always necessary to have well-taken care of not delivering too much attack not to crush the almond or dry fruit. There are times is complicated to control the gesture.

The cascador is of metal and with wood base. Perhaps it is a partidor with some deficiencies but the relation quality price is good. We can comment some as the low depth of the teeth of the prey, this causes that the fruits slip are times and you cannot loosen them at no moment. Another deficiency would be the low control of the gesture; to the being the route of the handle shorter than other machines, sometimes we squashed the fruit when lowering the handle. Mainly if the fruit is hard, although this is something that always does not happen.

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