Machine To divide to Almonds Electrical Pro


An electrical cascador of domestic use. He was never so simple to crack almonds, you will be able to divide almonds simply pushing a button. But… if we want a machine to crack almonds that never fail, we advised to the cascadores of almonds manuals.

We have proven it in Video, a desmostración of use that you can see in the images of the product or in the description along with all the information that you need.

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It looks at the Machine To divide Almonds Electrical in Operation

We like that you see as the cascadores work before deciding to you to buy.


Neither hammer, nor handles. With a button the machine will only deliver the attack by you. A cascadora for homemade use with great capacity and force.


This machine counts on an adjustment to make the greatest press or to reduce it. You will be able to divide almonds of different sizes.

Continuous way

You can put the electrical cascador so that the press does not stop to open and to close continuously. Thus you will not have to push the button every time.

An electrical machine to divide almonds comfortable and clean

It buys an Electrical cascador of almonds that works, all a newness. Part almonds tightening a button, that can more be asked.

Simply to place the almond in the opening and all the others does she, starting off of clean way. The exit of almond and rind inferior is very collection. You can divide almonds of one in one, pushing the button every time, or leave it in automatic and being putting almonds continuously.

Machine to divide almonds electrical

A machine to divide to almonds electrical with Adjustment and Precision

This electrical machine has a revolving button to be able to fit the opening of the press to the different thicknesses from the almonds. Therefore selecting the almonds by approximate thicknesses we easily removed to the whole fruits and rapidity.

It buys this machine to divide almonds electrical verified and effective.

Electrical Partidor of almonds

Additional information

Weight3,6 kg
Dimensions27.5 × 18 × 9,5 cm





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