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Machine To divide to Almonds Pro21 Manual

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Machine to divide to almonds manual, last reduced units. It is useful! A machine robust and made in steel. In order to divide to the almonds this machine it uses an optimized design, that reduces the effort and increases control. The size of handle, the design of teeth of takes hold and press form makes very effective this machine to divide to almonds manual, reducing the effort to the minimum.

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We have proven it in a Video. A desmostración of use that you can see in the images of the product or the description, along with all the information that you need.

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You want to see the machine divide almonds?

Thus you will be able To divide Almonds with this Machine
New! Video Evaluation

A machine to divide almonds
mounted by hand one to one.

Redesigned and optimized, by experts in industrial heavy presses.

You do not doubt it, is the best machine manual to divide almonds, that we know, in the present market.

The system is redesigned so large, opening and leverage so that the control of the force not to destroy the fruit is perfect and the minimum wearing down.

With this machine you will be able to divide closed almonds of comfortable form and without effort. A robust, trustworthy tool to crack fruits droughts and to be able perfect almonds to eat directly, to cook or prepares succulent appetizers.

With us purchases directly to the producer. We made it for many years and are safe of their effectiveness.

Control and effectiveness to divide almonds manually.

You will be able to divide the great fruit independent of or the hard thing that is. The form of the press in V leaves space more than sufficient to place the fruit. Simply she by the opening of the press slides until it is fitted and low the handle.

Machine to divide almonds useful and comfortable

The reduction of the effort together with their control at any moment, does that the whole and perfect almonds salgán for consumption.

Minimum Effort

The relation of sizes between handle and presses is optimized to the maximum. Being able to divide almonds with very little force.

Efficient control

You want that the almonds leave whole? This machine obtains perfect almonds, to feels the control of the gesture when breaking.

Robust and It makes solid

As usually it is shelp, it is a partidor of almonds for all the life. The machine is of Massive Steel and the painting is lacada to the furnace of maximum quality.

New design of beautiful line and well-taken care of details.

The form organizes of this machine makes more efficient to divide almonds, since it allows to put the fruit in the zone of takes hold of maximum pressure.

Additional information

Weight2,1 kg
Dimensions28 × 21 × 9,5 cm


2 valuations in Machine To divide to Almonds Pro21 Manual

  1. Erika Comendador

    Hello, already I received the machine and now I see the difference. I have a neighbor who has another one became the same.
    But nor point of comparison far better with Pro. Thanks for the attention.

    • To divide Almonds

      Hello Erika! If, this cascador is the best one than we have seen in the market within the manuals with handle. In our tests we have not had problems with any type of almond. We have 3 varieties, one of them is but the hard one who we have found, and we have not had problems with no.

  2. Ernesto Segundo Elbar

    Thank you very much by the attention, the investment is worth the trouble. We have liked much by massive it of the cascador as by the easy thing that she starts off.
    It has enchanted to us, is very dandy.

    • To divide Almonds

      It enchants to us that they like. It is a good tool for all the life.
      Thanks to you.
      A greeting

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