The Day of the Father gives a Machine To divide Almonds

Llámanos to 717 776 776 or visits our store and at home receives it comfortably in 48 or 72 hours.

Cascadores of fruits effective and functional droughts

Gift day of the father

A useful and effective Machine.

You do not doubt it, are the best machines to crack almonds, that we know, in the present market.

A unique tool that all the family thanks to the total control will enjoy on the fruit the minimum effort.

With us purchases directly to the producer. We made it for many years and we are safe of its effectiveness.

Control and effectiveness to crack almonds manually.

You will be able to divide the great fruit independent of or the hard thing that is. The form of the press in V leaves space more than sufficient to place the fruit. Simply she by the opening of the press slides until it is fitted and low the handle.

The reduction of the effort together with their control at any moment, does that the whole and perfect almonds salgán for consumption.

It is useful!

It discovers our selection of machines and tools for the day of the father.

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