Legal information and Privacy

1. - Legal information

This webpage is managed by Cristóbal Llorente Mata, only proprietor of the company with the NIF 70986428X in future (the Proprietors), that has head office in c Teresa de Calcuta, number the 22 45593 Vargas, Toledo, Spain.

2. - Content

Intellectual Industrial property/

This website incorporates commercial brands, logos, designs and catchphrases, all of them property of the Proprietors. The user recognizes this ownership specifically and understands that he does not acquire right some on the same, nor can modify or make use of the same. All these commercial brands, without the consent express and signed in writing by their proprietors, will be of nonauthorized use. The user is not authorized to use, in any other website, the commercial brands of Partiralmendras as bonds without the consent in writing of the Proprietors.

Nonauthorized use

As usuary of this website you commit yourself not to make use of the same for illegal aims or activities: you will not have right to modify any of the materials incorporated in our Web, you will not be able to copy, to distribute, to transmit, to present, to realise, or generally, to reproduce of any way, to also publish, to authorize or to create any work on the basis of the information or the content incorporated in our website.


Our affordable dedicated server website can contain some typesetter errors. We reserved the right to modify the content of the Web without previous notification.

Guarantees and Limitation of Responsibility.

The Proprietors resign to all the guarantees it express or implicit, including - but without limiting them the implied warranties of adjustment for the commercialization and adjustment for a particular aim. The Proprietors do not assume any legal responsibility on exemplary, emergent, punitive, fortuitous, indirect or special damages related to this website or that is derived from the same, they have or not the parts knowledge, real or implicit, of the damages which they can incur.

3. - Collected

What information we gather?

The type of information that we gather among another one can be information of personal type as your name, direction, telephone, email address, etc. This information we gather it when we requested your data to you to be able to transact your order or when you participate in some promotion or activity.

Whenever you enter sensible information as banking data or external passwords, you will do it under the security of a Virtual TPV managed by the Bank or Paypal. Shelp of another form, our Web not never will pick up nor administer your banking data (account number, expiration date or passwords, etc).

If you wish to be including in our list of directions, we will always ask for previous authorization to you. When registering to you, we will provide a link to you with the Policy of Privacy and a button of consent for the collection of personal data.

What use we give him?

It will only be used to transact your order and to make you arrive the shipment or other after-sales services. Also we can use your personal information to send information and by email electronic material and/or SMS to you, including details of the product and special supplies and bulletins of the news that we consider that they can be of your interest. Nothing else.

How Protegemos?

We use our better efforts to guarantee the security, integrity and privacy of the information that you have provided to us. With the purpose of to assure the benefit a service of quality, our servant of the Web is in datacenter of Specialists in Electronic Commerce LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, and is maintained and managed by the equipment of Specialists in Electronic Commerce LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY, that acts as in charge of treatment in the collection and storage of its data, in accordance with the established thing in Law 15/1999, of 13 of December, Protection of Personal Law and Character data 34/2002, of 11 of July, Services of the Society of the information and of Electronic Commerce (in future, “LAWS”).

Our servant of newsletter is in datacenter of MailChimp, and is maintained and managed by the equipment of MailChimp, that acts as in charge of treatment in the collection and storage of its data, in accordance with the settled down thing in the LAWS.

The Proprietors always codify or encriptan your personal data at the time of the transmission in the Web with a Certificate SSL, so that we can guarantee the security of the information that you facilitate through Internet. In spite of these measures, whenever proportions your personal data in Internet, exist the risk of which this information can be intercepted and be used by third parties whose control is outside our reach, and, consequently, in case of doing it your you assume the risk of the transmission independently. Since or we have explained, our Web does not pick up nor administers your banking data, always haras from the website of the bank or safe Agency of redigiremos collection to where you if you choose to pay with targeta.

4. - Third parties

Who and to what extent it has access to your information?

Aside from the proprietors and for the objectives that already we have to you detailed and except the following cases we do not sell, we dealt nor we transferred your personal information to third parties without informing to you previously and according to the effective legislation in the matter of protection of data none. All the members of our company value the privacy and protection of your personal information and we applied similar policies of privacy.


For some better benefits of our website, are possible that we introduce connections to third parties for which is not applicable this policy from privacy and which they are outside our control. Thus these sites must have their own policy of independent privacy and although we tried to protect the integrity of our site, the proprietors is not possible to be made people in charge, nor can be considered as so, of the content and the activities of these sites. Your visit or access to these sites is, therefore your responsibility.

5. - Use of the cookies

A Cookie is a small amount of information that the website transfers to your computer with identification aims to collect on your visits and thus we can improve your experience in her. The cookies, among others, can be used to verify your activity in our Web and in this way we can get to understand better as they are your preferences and thus to improve your contact with the page.
You can deactivate all the cookies in case you do not want to receive them and/or to cause that your computer warns to you whenever they are being used. In both cases you will have to modify the configuration of your navigator. However, it remembers that when you have formed your computer to reject the cookies, this can limit the functionality of the website that you visit and is possible that you cannot accede to some of the functions of the same.

6. - Access, Rectification and Cancellation of your data

At any time you will be able to exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancellation, and opposition before the Proprietors. It will be able to directly exercise such rights terminating itself of the service with the connection of low snapshot, that contain some of the communications or by means of the shipment of an e-mail to the direction: info@, or the shipment from a letter to the head office of the Proprietors indicated previously.

7. - Changes in the policy of Privacy

Perhaps with the course of the time, we modify this policy or by legislative changes that force us to it or to cover new developments with our Web. For this reason we reserved the right to take to end these changes and to ask to you that you review this page periodically, because these changes can affect to you due to visiting our website.

8. - Contact to us

If you want to make us arrive your commentaries on our Web as well as on our Policy of privacy, háznoslos to arrive by means of the shipment from an e-mail at the direction: info@, or the shipment from a letter to the head office of the Proprietors indicated previously.

9. - Consent

If you use this ssd vps hosting website means that you are in agreement with the terms of this Policy of privacy. On the contrary we requested to you that you do not provide personal information to us and that you leave this website.

10. - It does not resign

In case the Proprietors do not apply any of the stipulations anticipated in the previous points, this last one will not be understood, in any case, as it resigns to this stipulation.