Only for 2018. If it is the first time that purchases in our store. We will send this discount to you for your next purchases.

As it works?

  1. It chooses the machine or evaluated tools that you need our store and realises your first purchase.
  2. Once realised the purchase you will receive an only coupon discount of 10%. Without letter small nor restriction, you will be able to spend it when you want and without minimum expenses.
  3. In the next purchase that you realise with us, you will be able to use this discount introducing his code in the section “COUPON CODE”, that sides in the cart of our store (noncumulative with other promotions).

Ready! That easy.

Now you have the opportunity to receive a discount that you will be able to enjoy when you want. So that you can work with other machines or you can make a good gift to that needs it.

If you have arrived until us and not us conocias before, she is that these interested in buying a tool that really is worth the trouble.  With the guarantee and security of specialized professionals. Without mistaking to you we go…

It is useful!

It discovers our selection of machines and tools evaluated to the best price.