You dye doubts on as buying?
It finds all the information on your purchases, payments, shipments and returns.


As I buy in

In order to buy you have 2 options:

– To buy Online through our unlimited hosting Web. (Temporarily deactivated).

– Also you can realise your purchase by telephone, we will be enchanted to help you in all the necessary one so that you can realise the purchase. It contacts with us.

I can buy by telephone?

If you prefer to realise your purchase by telephone, call us to 717 776776 or contact through this same telephone by whatsapp.

You only must indicate to us that product you want to buy and the data of shipment and payment (Contrareembolso or transference) so that we can give the order to you. It contacts with us.

As the purchase is realised online? (Temporarily deactivated).

It selects the product in our store and adds or the products that you need to the cart.

When you want to finalize the purchase, simply it sees the cart and clica in Finalizing Purchase.

It completes the form with the data of delivery and payment. In order to confirm clica in Realising Order.

Do the prices include taxes?

If, all the prices that can be seen in our Web include taxes.

In what countries it is possible to be bought?

At the moment only you can make your purchase in Spain. We are working to sell shortly in other countries. If it does not reside please in Spain returns to visit in some months to us.


Payment with debit or credit card. (Temporarily deactivated).

You will be able to realise the payment through BBVA safely (TPV RedSys). The purchase will be realised in Spain.

BBVA tpv

BBVA tpv

Payment with banking transference. (Temporarily deactivated).

In our account of the BBVA.

The account number comes reflected in the copy of the order when finalizing the purchase process.

Payment with Paypal. (Temporarily deactivated).

If payments an order through Paypal, you redirigiremos to its Web so that you realise the payment. The position will be realised automatically in your account of Paypal.

For more information it visits

Payment against reimbursement

It chooses Against Reimbursement in the forms of payment and follows the instructions that are indicated when to realise the purchase. Simply you will have to pay in cash at the time of the delivery of your order. We protect your privacy data using Best VPS web hosting so you do not need to worry when filling the form.


Which is the shipment cost?

The shipment costs vary based on the zone of destiny and the number and the volume of the articles that need. In order to know the costs exactly it will have to go to page of the product, where it will be able to choose the different zones of shipment and associated costs from the same.

During certain periods of promotion, the expenses of shipment could be gratuitous. These periods will be announced in

How realised are the shipments?

The deliveries will be realised to any direction that belongs to any of the zones listed in the purchase process. Once the order has been sent we will inform to him by email of the number of pursuit.

In order to avoid incidences in the delivery (erroneous directions, impossibility to find to somebody in address), it is essential that it facilitates a contact telephone to us.

Which is downtime?

Once the order leaves our warehouse the considered downtime is of 48/72 hours, and the shipments are realised in working days.

The downtimes are orientative on the basis of the services of our logistic operators. The remote zones can have a delay approximated of 1 day on the indicated terms.

How I can realise the pursuit of my orders?

When its order leaves our warehouses (whenever the carrier offers this service), she will receive an informative email with a number of pursuit of the carrier company so that she can verify the state of his order.


How I can realise a return of my order?

Once you have received your order, you have 14 days natural to give back it if you have not completely been satisfied. Once passed this time we will not accept returns. But calm, always you will be able to be welcomed in the guarantee of the manufacturer in case it is manufacture defect.

In order to come to the return you must send an e-mail to us to explaining the reasons for the return and the number of the order. We will send a leaf to you of return with the direction of which you must to us send articles to give back.

The article must be without using and going with the original packing and all the elements that conform it including the invoice (in case of it to have asked). The article returns would not be accepted that esten used, manipulated, damaged or that do not include the original packing. When the return must to a mistaken failure ours because this or has a defect, we will run with the expenses of the return. If on the contrary the reason is not our responsibility, the expenses of return of the shipment will run of your account.

Once we have received the given back order, we will review the state of products and if they adjust or not to the conditions previously set out, we come to the reimbursement of your money, except the expenses of return if these run to your account.

It is possible to change the received product?

When simply you want to realise a change, you must assume the expenses of return and I resend.

The article changes would not be accepted that esten used, manipulated, damaged or that do not include the original packing. Once we have received the change we will review the state of articles and will take measures according to adjust to the set out conditions.

You have some doubt? It contacts with us