This GUIDE will help you to choose the best cascador of almonds for you and your necesidases. You are not mistaken!

If you are considering to buy a cascador to divide to fruits droughts of hard rind, you would have to consider some cosideraciones to decide that model of cascador of almonds adapts to your needs.

In the market there are tens of types of machines on sale, whose characteristics must be appropriate for the amount and type of almonds that you want to crack.


These are some questions that you would have to consider before deciding that cascador to buy

You have much almond to start off?
You have a few almonds tree or you are farmer and only you have many trees.

How long you can decicar to him to crack fruits?
You need to crack the almonds in 1 day or you can do it without haste, to your rate.

You can deliver small attacks?
To choose a cascador manual that drives with a minimum effort or an electrical machine.

To answer these questions, and other many, will allow to know you as they are your real needs and to find the machine that better adapts.


To crack almonds will be a pleasure, but…
You know that Cascador Comprar?

First of all you would have to know that the machines to divide almonds take working many years. Some models that were artisan, made by craftsmen as us, for the clients who tenian the necessity. Basically those cascadores manuals were very similar to the present ones, but its efficiency and comfort nothing has to do and so they are possible to be bought today.

The machines manuals to crack present fruits tell on automatic backward movement when loosen the handle, among others many optimizations. The system makes that the handle returns to the beginning place, leaving the free press to put another almond.

Cascador of almonds manual, ideal position
Cascador of almonds manual, ideal position

Whereas the machines manuals to crack present almonds are but effective (that is to say, they require little effort and they control much the gesture), the advanced types more are electrical. These new cascadores of electrical almonds count on a press or some rollers, according to the case, that they are driven by a motor that does all the work by you.

Cascador of almond-electrical
Cascador of almond-electrical

Important: You want to exercise the arm?
To buy a cascador of almonds electrical manual or

It is evident that your decision will be conditional in case you want, or in many cases if you can, of realising the effort necessary to drive the press manual.

Nevertheless you must consider that a partidor manual usually is for all the life unlike the electrical cascador that has a limited life utility; thus, you do not hope either that an electrical machine does all the work by you, to use electrical models is necessary to select the first fruits by its thickness.

Before deciding you by a cascador or another one, we advised to you to consider the following points:

In favor of the cascador manual:

The truth that until recently the partidores manuals requerian of much effort, the movement when starting off uncontrolled era and the teeth which they do that, when tightening the press, does not escape the almond in many cases were bad and the fruit often left shot.

Nevertheless, generally the machines that we offer are efficient. Emphasizing, over everything what we have tried until now, the Cascadora Pro20 Manual. One is a machine with a new design that the effort reduces and perfects takes hold… and with an important robustness.

  1. A machine to divide to almonds manual does not need to select the almonds previously, nor to fit the press.
  2. The percentage of almonds that leave whole, with a little practice, is greater in the manuals than the electrical ones.
  3. The price difference is significant. If you have a fit budget better the manual.

Would You like to see this cascador manual working?

Assure to you knowing as the cascador works manual “Pro20” with a demonstration of use

In favor of the electrical cascador:

If you have estimated major, or your priority is to divide everything quickly, the best thing is an electrical cascador.

In this sense it is necessary to make a clear distinction between the models with partidor of press and those that use a roller. We are this moment we on sale have available a partidor driven with press, but we are working to offer a partidor to you with roller shortly.

The great difference is the catidad of almonds to crack. With an electrical cascador of roller you can divide many kilos for the hour, however with those of press it will be of more or less 40 pieces per minute (according to manufacturer).

  1. An electrical cascador of almonds does not need any effort the motor is in charge.
  2. In the majority of the cases, not all, are faster. Part almonds continuously one to one or fed by a hopper.
  3. If it is used well mannered, without forcing, can be very lasting.

You want to see a demonstration of the Electrical cascador?

To see as a machine works before taking a decision is essential

The characteristics to consider in a cascador of almonds

Next we spoke to you of the characteristics that, according to our esperiencia, cause that a cascador of almonds is better than another one.

Up to here most basic, now or we know clearly if we want a machine to divide to almonds electrical or manual.

We are going to only see the most important characteristics of the machines manuals, since of the electrical ones it is not possible to know them. Because in the electrical cascadores this whole in its interior and each has some different benefits. We will not present its characteristics in this guide, we will separately determine them in the analyses of each machine.


Important characteristics that you must look in cascadores manuals

It is important that if you are going to buy a cascador manual you pay attention to some details that will cause that you do not fail in the election.

Cascador characteristics of almonds
Cascador characteristics of almonds
  1. The position where the almond in the opening of the press is put. It is easy to understand that at the most close this fruit of the hinge that drives the press, minor effort we needed to do with the handle.
  2. The depth and extension of the teeth that hold the fruit when the fruit is placed to start off. This way we made sure that the fruit will not jump outside the press when it makes force. Or the great or small and more or less hard fruit.
  3. The optimization of the distances and position between: the levy that drives the mechanism, the size of the handle and the length of the movable part of the press. Unfortunately for a buyer the cascador can only be appreciated when driving.


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