Machine To peel Beans Electrical


A machine to peel beans and to shell other vegetables electrical. Really, a peeler useful and simple to use that it shells quickly and without effort. Especially excellent it is his easy cleaning.

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You do not lose the Demonstrative Video where you will see its operation. You can see underneath in the images of the product or in the description.




To peel beans just by to push a button

This machine utiza a single button to start up. Once in march they are the hands free to manipulate the beans.

Cleaning fast and easy.

It is important that these desgranadoras are cleaned perfectly without many disassemblings. Its system allows that the cleaning is comfortable.

It shells vegetables in a blinking.

This peeler of cases is very fast. As a result of this rapidity you can shell 24 pieces per minute.

Desgranador de Electrical Legumbres

Robito Case is a peeler of cases that allows you to shell any vegetable of fast and easy way. Its functionality allows to have us fresh beans without work. You will peel vegetables and vegetables for healthful and rich plates on a daily basis.
A machine that you permitira to really shell beans very fast. We have seen peel 2 kilos of fresh beans in 2 minutes of clock. Therefore we are against an efficient peeler that allows to peel of form ra? ask and simple any does type vegetable, as beans, judi? ace, soybean, peas, etc.
The system is guaranteed by Pelamatic, Spanish manufacturers with esperiencia in this market. Is the cleaning of the desgranador Co? simple fashion and, only debera? would to pass a humid rag after its use and the peeler of vegetables be? clean to return to use it shortly.

Additional information

Weight1,21 kg
Dimensions20 × 11,5 × 15,5 cm




Vegetables per minute

approx 24


220/240 V.


0,08 A.


There are no valuations still.

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