Tube To crack Olives Manual


Tube to crack olives manual. This tool to crack olives is simple, is a tube with blades in its interior. To crack olives is now easier with this simple and functional machine.
It discovers as it works in video. A desmostración of use that you can see in the product images or the description, next to all the information that you need.




We taught to you as the Tube works To crack Olives

As you already know enchants to us to prove everything what we sell. Here we let a demonstrative video to you of the use of this tube To crack Olives. Also we give some advice you.

Tube to crack olives manual

Tool To crack olives easily and rapidity by hand

This tool is simply a tube through where they pass the olives and they leave on the other boasted extreme. One to one the olives crack by 4 sites simultaneously and are ready to flavor quickly.

To crack olives by hand is now faster with this cheap utensil. It is of very hard plantico and furthermore it has a metal edge where they go anchored the blades. This rim is stainless and causes that the tool is much more robust and stable. Unlike other tools to crack wood olives this tube, to the plastic being, is but hygienic and easy to clean.

From the first time that we saw it we it liked. It is truth that nothing has to do with the rajadores of crank with several blades, but is so secillo… that there is his attractiveness. It is a tool which some do not querran to approach, “they prefer to follow the old custom”, but we assured to you that when you take control of her there is not one who wins to you. In this sense a little to the potato peelers remembers, at the outset costs but, now that one does not have at home.

A tool to crack olives cheap

A machine to crack olives is very expensive in comparison with the price of this tool. All the life by a very low price will last to him.

Tube to crack olives manual

Additional information

Weight0,2 kg
Dimensions4 × 4 × 8 cm





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