Machine To crush or To crack Olives Electrical Pro


Efficient machine to crush – to chafar or to crack olives electrical. In conclusion, a very useful and functional machine that divides or cuts the olives of very clean and fast way.

You do not lose the Demonstrative Video where you will see its operation in depth. You can see underneath in the images of the product or in the description.




To crush and To crack Olives
Thank god!

2 possible functions: Chafar or to cut olives
It allows a fast and safe cleaning
3 Positions different for the size from the olive
Complete manual including in the packing

Side for Chafar Olives

Introducing the olives by this side we can Crush or chafar olives. The ease of use is important.

Exit of Crushed Olives

Finally by the opening inferior of the machine they will leave the crushed or chafadas olives. Better it will be to put a container.

Machine to crush or to chafar olives electrical

Side To crack Olives

Introducing olives by this side we can crack or cut the olives. Making several cracks by piece.

Exit of Cracked Olives

2 in 1 with this machine you have all the possibilities of preparing olives to your pleasure. Crushed or boasted by this side.

Chafar Olives or to cut Automatically

In conclusion, a machine to divide to olives pressing a button.

Robito Oliva is an electric home appliance made in Spain by Pelamatic. We could say that it has 2 functions in 1, on the one hand is a tool to crush or to chafar olives and on the other hand to crack or to cut olives. All these processes are excellent at the time of preparing acetunas for the consumption as appetizer.

At this moment, the aperitive olives for consumption as contain great amounts of preservatives so that they stay in the long process of sale. This machine to chafar and to crack olives facilitates the task to which they want to make his own olives for consumption. The openings that the electrical appliance realises in the fruit, allow that the used spices and condiments to flavor the olives, are introduced deeply to make the most substantial and flavorful appetizer.

But most remarkable of this machine to boast and to crush it is the cleaning facility, since one dismounts easily differentiating the electrical part from the mechanics. All this together with that we can crack different sizes from olives thanks to 3 positions in the press the olives will leave perfect for the consumption.

Additional information

Weight2,1 kg
Dimensions23 × 16 × 14 cm





39 W


220/240 V – European Version/110 V – American Version

Pieces per minute

approx 60


There are no valuations still.

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